Strumming Through the Semester

Over the next few months, I am going to be learning how to play the guitar for my personal learning project. I am a very musical person and have wanted to learn how to play the acoustic guitar for many years. When I was in High School I was given a guitar for Christmas. I learned how to play a few basic chords and was able to play some songs in slow motion as well. Once I entered University I quickly became busy and my guitar started to collect dust. I haven’t played the guitar in about 4 years and I was a very basic beginner level when I did play. I would like to relearn how to play the guitar because I would love to bring music into my future elementary school classes.

I think the most challenging aspect of learning the guitar again will be the muscle memory that it requires for switching between chords. This is something I really want to work on so that my transitions can be nice and smooth.

To try and narrow my learning project, I am going to focus on learning the song Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley. I will focus on learning the chords, the strumming pattern, learning the verses, learning the chorus, playing the whole song, and finally being able to sing and play at the same time. Throughout all of these sections I will concentrate on playing at the appropriate speed.

I am very excited to start this journey and hope you enjoy! 🙂


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